I’m going to start by making a controversial statement here, the watermelon industry is racist.  

I said it and there is no going back from here but here we go!  When I frantically dash through the grocery store crossing my fingers my kids don’t decide to go crazy, I have very low expectations.  I expect when I pay $5 for a Watermelon (one of the 10 foods my child will entertain eating) SEEDLESS means it’s seedless. 

A little background on Will.  Will has always been amazing but one of his few crazy quirks is a very specific set of rules for his food.  Apples for instance, must be sliced peel on and eaten like a chipmunk.  They cannot be peeled, however if he eats the skin of the apple he will start gagging as if he is being poisoned.  

Keeping that nugget in mind, care to hazard a guess as to what happens when he finds a watermelon seed? 

Seedless should mean there are NO SEEDS.  Just because the seeds are WHITE instead of BLACK does not make them better.  Does not make them easier to swallow.  They are still seeds.  So when my tiny person is presented with his ice cold perfectly sliced pieces of watermelon what do you think he first asks?  

“Mommy, are there seeds?”  And when I reply, “Nope” you make liar out of me!  Not only do you make me the liar you also force me to frantically have to remove the seeds which are naturally all hidden within the cut pieces.   

When a Mother places a snack in front of their child they are doing it so they can make sure the child doesn’t starve and to attend to another task (in my case shovelling food into my Evan's mouth at lightning speed or else he begins screaming bloody murder).  

When I have to stop feeding Evan, retrieve a spoon from the cupboard and begin gouging through ice cold watermelon with my hands to pick out seeds, how do you think that goes? 

We have accomplished so much in this world.  Is it too much to ask that my watermelon be seedless?  

You have one job watermelon industry, do better.