The nature of this topic irritates me to my very core.  The Ontario government currently has an advertising campaign playing along the lines of “I’m a shit parent because…but I vaccinate” 

Are you feeling smug about our nation right now because we don’t have Trump as our leader so as a nation we’re generally smarter?  I know you are (at least a little).  

Well, find one of these ads online and read the comment section.  Nothing will do a better job of reminding you that Canadians can be idiots as well like perusing the academic brilliance of some of these parents.  

Here I would like to unpack these “scientific facts” they provide: 

“My kids, my choice, and everyone is entitled to an opinion”  

An opinion is by definition, “a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge” 

When I say my opinion is Donald Trump is the human equivalent of a garbage bag filled with feces that is an opinion.  When I say Justin Beiber looks like the physical embodiment of herpes – again, an opinion.  Not based on fact but based on my totally random (but correct) opinion.    

Vaccinations stop diseases from spreading that are terrifying and harmful to our children.  FACT.  That is not my opinion.  That is a fact.  

Millions of lives have been saved by vaccinations.  FACT.  Don’t spew some bullshit like you’re OK to have your own point of view on this topic, as if you’re discussing how you feel about platform sneakers making a comeback (ugh, by the way).  

Vaccinations cause Autism.   

If you’re like me, before you vaccinated you checked out whether this claim was founded and fuck me, it is NOT.  

This shitstorm started thanks to a “Doctor” named Andrew Wakefield, there are a lot of horrendous things about him (like allegedly paying the parents of kids at his child’s Birthday party for blood samples) but please read this if you’d like an easier read of what’s happened:   

Dr. Andrew Wakefield may very well be the biggest piece of shit in existence.  If he and Jenny McCarthy had a kid I’m fairly certain it would be the incarnate of evil/stupid itself.  Their ill-informed bullshit is still rippling down and raining previously near-eradicated disease outbreaks on us.  

There are currently 2 measles outbreaks happening in Mississauga and Oakville.   Every time I get one of these alerts my pulse quickens as I quickly replay where I was at these times and if I was in either of these places with Evan.  

How fucked up is that?  How fucked up is it that these fucking idiots were able to have kids?  Are you kidding me?   

Some kids can’t get vaccinated owing to health concerns, shouldn’t herd immunity work?

 Are you seriously comparing your able-bodied kid to the kid with the immuno-deficiency who can’t physically handle a vaccination?  Do you not think those parents would like their child to be able to be guarded against diseases?  They can’t so they rely on herd-immunity.  

To save you from Googling it yourself:  

Herd immunity: a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune.  

So everyone gets the MMR vaccine except for the kids who physically can’t and those kids are safe because ALMOST everyone else will have the vaccine and stop those diseases from spreading.  

Except, now it’s not a small amount of kids with rare medical conditions who aren’t vaccinated, it’s idiots making the unfounded cognizant choice to not vaccinate, and on that note… 

If you CHOOSE to not vaccinate for any reason besides a medical reason, no, your kid can’t fucking play with my kid.  

No, your kid shouldn’t be allowed to attend daycare.  Seriously?  One kid sneezes in daycare and by the end of the day 45 kids and 15 caregivers are sick and you want to bring your unvaccinated kid into that?  Are you moronic?  

You can can still catch measels even with the vaccine.

Um, not really...If you were vaccinated and caught measles anyway, I would strongly suggest you visit your local convenience store and buy a lottery ticket when you’re not contagious anymore because one dose of the MMR vaccine is 93% effective at fighting off the measles virus and once you have that second dose it’s 97% effective, so you’re pretty fucking rare. 

I’m going to stop writing this now, as I could rant on this topic for hours.  If you don’t vaccinate your kids, please do your research and help us from becoming the stupidest generation that brought back diseases that no one even talked about anymore.